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Fat Freeze offers effective and aesthetic painless 3D liposculpting solutions for body contouring and overall fat loss. It is a perfect non-invasive alternative to liposuction!

Fat Freeze Program uses the 360-degree cooling system and multiple applicators to initiate cryolipolysis (cold – cryo | fat – lipo | breakdown – lysis). It provides complete coverage of targeted areas and increases the effectiveness of absolute fat removal. To ensure effective and safe removal of stubborn fat, the 360° Surround Cooling cups target only the fat deposits for crystallisation without damaging surrounding tissue or nerve areas.

The science behind it is simple: when fat cells are exposed to cool temperatures, a natural breakdown process is set in motion. The targeted fat cells are then crystallised and disposed of naturally by the body’s own metabolism without destroying the surrounding cells.


  • 360-degree cooling technology
  • Natural fat reduction solution
  • Up to 25% fat reduction
  • Absolute and Effective results on stubborn fats
  • Non-invasive and no downtime
  • 100% medically proven
  • FDA and KFDA approved