Mix & match program

피코 맞춤 케어 프로그램

The full spectrum of treatment

The pre and post treatments will enhance the beneficial effects of the laser and moisturize the skin to promote rapid wound recovery.

The full spectrum of treatment

The pre and post treatments will enhance the beneficial effects of the laser and moisturize the skin to promote rapid wound recovery.

Pico Mix & Match

We have heard a lot about the famous Korean mix & match skin treatment concept. But how about a Pico Mix & Match tailored to your skin’s exact needs?

With this unique Mix & Match treatment program, you can choose any 3 INTENSIVE treatments from a list of 12 treatment options to achieve the best results.

Aquapeel Plus

A two-step cleansing process that gently and throughly exfoliates the pores with AHAs or BHAs solutions. A multi-vitamin nourishing solution is then applied to freshly cleansed skin to boost skin's moisture and hydration levels.

Premium Melting Collagen

A premium-grade mask that contains 90% pure marine collagen and 10% hyaluronic acid that is extracted from the deep sea. This mask is designed to enhances skin elasticity and provide deep hydration.

Double Moisture Therapy

Leaves skin soft and deeply hydrated, while boosting skin with nutrients. 

15 Mins Pore Extraction + Anti-Bac Plasma

A thorough 15 minutes pore extraction to get rid of those stubborn clogged pores and ending it with an anti-bacterial plasma treatment to kill bacteria and sterilise the treated areas.

ionto ultra whitening

A powerhouse skin treatment that fights free radicals which causes ageing. This treatment also helps to improve overall skin tone for a more youthful, radiant, and glowy skin.

Revitalising Eye treatment

Restore a glow to tired eyes and prevent the signs of ageing.

Oxygen multi-vitamin spray

A medical grade oxygen spray gun is used to deliver a lightweight, customisable ampoule with pure oxygen into the skin. Skin becomes smoother and softer from the multi-vitamin solution.

Double Peel Therapy

A safe and effective medical grade chemical peel that contains ingredients and properties that help to fight and control acne, fine lines and pigmentation.

O2 Inhale + HA Gel Mask

Inhale 99.5% medical grade oxygen into your system to purify and improve skin health. A mask containing high-quality hyaluronic acid is being applied to the skin to provide skin with intense lasting hydration.

Pico toning

Improve skin texture, reduce pore size, and improve unwanted epidermal and dermal pigmentation.

Astrodome + medical mask

Stimulates skin renewal, blood purification and strengthening the skin barrier.

ipl toning

Smoother skin tone, healthier complexion, and less visible sun damage.

So what can you choose?

There are several ways to Mix and Match this program. Here’s our favourite combination:


Start the program with a Deep Pore Cleansing treatment to remove debris and toxins.


Next, the Pico Toning Laser stimulates collagen formation and evens out skin tone.


Finish the program with a Pure Oxygen Infusion Spray OR Deep Hydration Therapy for a smoother, clearer and more radiant complexion.

Treatment includes: Doctor’s consultation (if Pico Toning Laser is selected)

That's not all.

Before you leave, we will give you a detailed Personal Skincare Routine Advice that will transform your skin.